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About Dary Chong 钟景煌

主持の资历: 2012至今 (生肖兔)



Emceeing experiences Since 2012.

Languages: Fluent and eloquent in Cantonese and Mandarin. Converse well in English. 

Emceeing Style: Familiar with variety of different customs and able to host a Chinese Wedding elegantly, People-oriented, Humorous and Vibrant.

Dary 的个人里程碑

•2011 - 大马资深前辈大妗姐<六银姐>首席男徒弟

•2014 - <欢喜の囍>创办人以及首席顾问

•2015 - 受邀《号外周刊》采访

•2015 - 受邀网络电台On fm <The Big Show> 畅谈主持婚礼的喜与悲

•2015 - 受邀网络电台On fm担任 <估我不到>特约节目主持

•2015 年 成为 MC JO 学生之一

•2015 - 香港十大服务品牌 <歐惠芳婚礼顾问>大妗姐研修班首席男徒弟

•2016 - <欢喜の囍> 大妗姐精英班 主讲讲师

•2016 - 受邀《东方日报》采访

•2017 - 受邀《City Plus FM》采访

•2017 - 受邀《ai FM》 采访

•2018 - 荣获《香港国际大妗姐协会》委任《名誉顾问》

•2018 - 与知己一起创办了《囍褂》

•2019 - 再次受邀《东方日报》采访

•2019 - 受邀《ai FM》 采访(囍褂)

•2020 - 受邀 Astro AEC 《老行业,新生命》

•2020 - 受邀 Melody FM 电台采访

•2021 - 受邀 Bernama TV 采访 

•2021 - 受邀《中国报》采访

•2021 - 受邀《访问 The Interview Asia》采访

•2022 - 受邀《大日子 Darizi》采访

•2023 - 再次受邀《City Plus FM》采访

•2023 - 与 Jerry 在Astro Syok app 担任《优内容 - 我想婚了》Podcast 主播

Highlights Of Dary

•2011: Joined as a student of experienced Master Wedding Chaperone - Lok Ngan Jie.

•2014: Founder of Xi Happiness

•2015: Interviewed by <Hao Wai Zhou Kan> Magazine.

•2015: Interviewed by ASEAN first Online radio fm - ON Fm for the art of wedding ceremony

•2015: Hong Kong Top Service Brand , Sharon Au Wedding , first Male Student

•2015: Invited as DJ by ON FM for <估我不到> radio live show

•2016: MC JO Academy graduated student.

•2016: Chief Speaker of Xi Happiness Wedding Chaperon Class.

•2016: Interviewed by 《Oriental Daily 东方日报》

•2017: Interviewed by City Plus FM

•2017: Interviewed by Ai FM

•2018: Honoured by <Hong Kong International Bridal Chaperone > as Honorary Advisor. 
•2018: Co- Founder of Hei Kwa Chinese Traditional Wedding Dress
•2019: Interviewed by Oriental Daily

•2019: Interviewed by ai FM ( Hei Kwa )

•2020: Interviewed by Astro AEC

•2020: Interviewed by Melody FM

•2021: Interviewed by Bernama TV

•2021: Interviewed by China Press

•2021: Interviewed by The Interview Asia
•2022: Interviewed by Darizi 大日子 

•2023: Interviewed by CityPlus FM

•2023: Hosted Astro SYOK podcast 《我想婚了 | I'm getting married !》

Dary Chongの服务

  • 中式婚礼主持人 (摩登大妗)Bridal  Chaperone

  • ​婚宴主持人 Wedding Reception Emcee

  • 摩登大妗班 Modern Chaperon Class

  • ​裙褂顾问 Chinese Wedding Kua Consultant


Bridal Chaperone


(Dary 将为您主持的仪式)

  • 谢恩仪式

  • 拜神仪式

  • 接新娘

  • 男女家敬茶仪式

  • 新娘出门

  • 新娘入门

  • 入新房仪式

Actual Wedding Day: Morning Ceremony

  • Parents Appreciation Ceremony

  • Praying Ceremony

  • Receiving Bride Ceremony

  • Tea Ceremony

  • Setting Off Ceremony ( from Bride’s house)

  • Entering to Groom’s house ceremony

  • Entering Bridal Room Ceremony



​Wedding Reception Emcee


 Dary 将为您:

  • 台上司仪主持一切仪式(切蛋糕,开香槟,倒香槟,交杯酒,总敬酒)

  • 晚宴前影音测试

  • 协助与晚宴场地负   责人流程沟通

  • 提示一对新人晚宴各项细节

  • 检查晚宴进行过程,时间控制,


  • 其他(游戏安排)

The Actual Day: Wedding Reception

  • Before dinner,
    Dary will gather the vendors such as technical, photographer, make-up artist, floor manager, wedding planner etc, to go through adjustments and communication in your wedding reception.

  • All the music, slideshows, videos and multimedia will be tested,  to ensure all are played perfectly before the dinner.

  • Dary will host the dinner night professionally ( Cake Cutting, Champagne Popping, Champagne Pouring, Matrimonial Toast and Family Toast). This includes all the necessary announcements and after dinner arrangements.

  • Dary will provide Gentle reminders to the newlyweds to ensure that the programme runs smoothly and give the highest satisfaction to the couples.

  • Dary will ensure that the couples enjoy the night, have fun and take more pictures with your loved ones. The rest, we will do it for you


Why do you need - Dary


  • 以丰富的实战经验,为您主持婚礼。

  • 累计超过900场婚礼主持经验

  • 放心,安心,开心。​


  • 幽默风趣不失礼。

  • 以高贵可爱,人见人爱的形象为您主持婚礼。


  • 经常参与本地与海外的大妗/司仪培训课程,以及相关活动。

  • 自我增值,就是为了给予每位顾客提供更棒的服务

Vast experience

  • Fully equipped with vast experiences who can host for your wedding professionally.

Positive Image

  • Humorous with courtesy

  • Maintaining elegance and sophisticated appearance for every wedding.

Persistency on self-improvement.

  • Widen wedding related knowledge and experience by involving in local or overseas emcee courses.

  • Keep improving for quality assurance.

My Gallery




​Dary‘s 大妗视频链接

​Dary‘s Bridal Chaperone Video Link

​Dary‘s 喜宴主持人视频链接

​Dary‘s Wedding Emcee Video Link


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