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Xi Happiness


《欢喜の囍》是于2014年由摩登大妗Dary Chong (欢喜哥)所创办 。

创立《欢喜の囍》的宗旨是为了在马来西亚传承和推广中式婚礼。从创办到至今,已经成功组织一群对中式婚礼充满热诚的团队,一起为全马来西亚及世界各地的华人主持摩登不失传统的中式婚礼,也让每一个家庭重视中式婚礼的精髓 - 感恩与祝福的意义,


Xi-Happiness is established in the year of 2014 by Dary Chong ( Huan Xi Ge ) 

The mission of establishing the team is to promote and inherit the essence of Chinese Traditional Wedding. As of today, Xi-Happiness has successfully formed a team of members who are eagerly to learn and promote Chinese Traditional Wedding customs and traditions. 

The team believes that as move forward together, it enables us to promote this meaningful and authentic traditions globally. Also, as the emcee of the morning Chinese Wedding Session, the team is going to lead the couple and complete the traditions in a modern way. 

Having the ambition of doing so, it enables each Chinese family to understand deeply the meaning of Chinese Traditional Wedding, which is Gratitude and Blessings. 

Let our guests participate the beauty of Chinese Traditional Wedding;

Let the couple enjoy hassle free and worry-free Chinese Wedding

Let us continue be the part of the inheritance and grow the culture to our generations. 


Dary Chong 钟景煌

欢喜の囍 创办人

​​Founder of Xi Happiness

​也是六银姐的首席男徒弟 ,
​ <歐惠芳婚礼顾问> 的创办人 - 歐惠芳导师进修《大妗姐研修班》,

In 2012, Dary learned from Chaperone Lady - Madam Lok Ngan,
​for Chinese traditional wedding custom,
In 2015, Dary continued his career by learning Chinese traditional wedding custom in Hong Kong from <Sharon Au Wedding Consultants>

主持经验   2012 至今
Emceeing Experience   Since 2012

主持风格  摩登不失传统,幽默风趣
Emceeing Style : Modern with traditional, Elegant, People-oriented, Humorous and Vibrant.

语言  流利的粤语华语,英语
Languages : Fluent and eloquent in Cantonese and Mandarin. Converse well in English

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