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中式婚礼仪式短片Ceremonies VIDEO

Five Important Chinese Traditional Wedding Days

Chinese Traditional Wedding Ceremonies comprises of 5 important days.

1. Betrothal / Guo Da Li - 过大礼
2. Bed Setting & Dowry - 安床与搬嫁妆
3. Hair Combing - 上头
4. Actual Wedding Day - 大喜日子
5. Returning Gifts to Bride's Family Ceremony - 回门

Let me guide you with all the important dates, now !
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Betrothal Ceremony

We find it difficult and out of no where when it comes to wedding preparation, because it is another kettle of fish that we never experience before.

Betrothal Ceremony is the beginning of your Chinese Traditional Wedding Ceremony.

Now you know the reason  ! 

This is a short video about Betrothal Ceremony

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安床 与 搬嫁妆

【 Dowry Setting | 搬 嫁 妆 】
Daughters are the pride and joy of parents.
Parents always want to give the best to their daughters, it is the same when it comes to Wedding Dowry.

It is a form of blessings and wishes from the parents to their daughters.

【 Bed Setting | 安床】
Bed Setting is another meaningful way of blessings from parents.

It may look simple but full of love, care and passion.
It’s not just a matter of two persons, it’s a family matter.

Hair Combing Ceremony

American are well known with Sweet 16;
Japanese celebrate adulthood at the age of 20;
Jewish recognize their commitments when they are 13.

What about Chinese ?

We demonstrate our responsibility when we get married. That’s the reasons of Hair Combing Ceremony 上 头 仪 式

Actual Wedding Day

About Actual Chinese Traditional Wedding Day

You may participate it before;
You may hear of it from your relatives,
You may know the flow but not sure about the details.

Chinese Wedding is a huge, enormous and life-transforming moments where we celebrate the love of life.

Watch this video NOW about the Do's & Dont's

Let us paint the town red and make it a happening one !

Returning Back to Bride's Family Ceremony

A good beginning makes a good ending.

Betrothal ceremony represents a GOOD START of Chinese Traditional Wedding;

Returning to Bride’s House ceremony brings COMPLETENESS for the whole Chinese Wedding.

Watch this video NOW about the Do's & Dont's !

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